For the past 28 years I have dedicated myself to the health and well being of our animal companions, I’ve invested more than 10 years in my training and I continue to educate myself especially in the holistic and natural, non-toxic care of animals.

I’ve been using a holistic approach to healing even before beginning vet school and have practical, real-world, hands-on results for my treatment protocols, which grew from the many animals I’ve helped regain health as well as my own healing journey.

However, as I am a licensed veterinarian, I am required to remind you that before changing your animals’ diet or beginning/stopping any course of treatment for your animals, I must insist that you discuss any changes you want to make with your animals’ primary care veterinarian.

SUPPORT: If you need help with your order or have questions please contact us at:

Email or Phone: 661.993.1979

Dedicated to Your Animal’s Peak Health,

Odette Suter, DVM
Odette Suter, DVM
Holistic Veterinarian
Peak Animal Health Center, Barrington, IL
PS Every animal deserves peak health!
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