Animal Communication

My work consists in translating the animal’s message to their human friend and facilitate communication between the two. You may ask yourself ‘how does that work?’ I come to your house or speak with you on the phone. I then connect with your animal friend through telepathy, which includes clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing) and clairaudience (hearing). llamaFollowing this connection, I transmit to you the message I receive and assist you in dialoguing with each other. As a result, you can reach a mutual understanding and develop a satisfactory solution. In addition you also experience a greater sense of connection and peace with one another. Or if you simply want to gain some insight into your animal’s view of life, I can help you explore your pets’ personality and needs.

Common concerns I encounter are behavioral challenges such as anxiety, aggression, marking, etc. as well as emotional disturbances including grief, depression and so forth. If the complaint is of a physical nature, I will apply healing energy to your animal as is appropriate or refer you to your veterinarian. I also assist people in their decision to put their animal companion to sleep and communicate with those who have passed.

My intention is to support you with a gentle, loving and compassionate energetic presence. What gets created is a sacred space in which you and your animal friend can feel safe and held. As you explore your challenges, you will both experience a deeper opening of your hearts and an increased understanding of each other.

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