Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation and Hooves

  • Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation and Hooves

    Close to 100% of all horses I see and know of show some signs of metabolic imbalances in their hooves and bodies. Those can reach anywhere from simple thrush, misalignments of the hooves to severe hoof pathologies such as founder for example or simply unexplained soreness. When I first started […]

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  • Equine Nutrition for the 21st Century

    Why nutritional needs for horses have changed. Today’s horse magazines are filled with articles addressing metabolic syndromes in horse, such as Insulin resistance, Cushing’s Disease, Obesity, Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, Shivers, Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis/Equine Systemic Proteoglycan Accumulation, Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, Founder and Laminitis. Once uncommon or even unknown, […]

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